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When I wrote the drabbles

Aftershave and Garden

For the Gay Flash Fiction Group   there were some comments from the Group on the prose poem quality of the pieces.  Taking that a step further my friend Moth2fic  very kindly took my original prose and turned them into some wonderful pieces of poetry, encouraging me to try a bit of poetry writing of my own, which I may or may not put here on the site - depending on if it's any good or not   

In the meantime this is Moth's work:



Sounds of the shower.

He stays were he is,

Comfortable, warm,

Eyes closed.

Imagination wanders:

Soapy hands glide

Over broad shoulders,

Flat stomach,

Silken pubes

Flaccid cock.

Should he venture?

Run his own hands

Over the soapy body?

Or wait

For shaving cream,

Razor and aftershave?

Swift strokes over

The love face;

Morning stubble gone.

Then he can rub his cheek

Against his loverís.

Share the scent,

Beloved leather and spice.

Hands ache to touch.

He knows the answer.


Long hot days.

Summer sun has destroyed

Most of the garden, burning almost all.

The hardiest native plants




And welcome rain.

Winter plants grow. 

 I watch new buds



He will return.

The seasons have changed;

The tour of duty

In that foreign land



As always,

We'll pretend

Our passion does not exist.

No soldier dare do otherwise than hide

What he loves most.


I watch our winter garden grow.

And wait.