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Night Moves Volume 2

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Waiting outside in the inky shadows of the bushes, Mikhail crept forward into the faint moonlight.  As he expected, the window was again open to the unseasonably balmy night air. 


It was an easy matter to brush aside the curtains and slip silently over the sill.  Once in the room he stood, admiring the feast spread out before him: Shane stretched full length on the bed, lying on his back, his head turned slightly away from the open window, his gentle snores disturbing the stillness.  Hed kicked off the covering sheet so that it lay tangled around his feet, exposing the finely sculptured and muscled body to the night air.


Mikhail approached, unable to resist the allure of such perfection.  His imagination had not misled him; the almost naked boy was truly beautiful. Blond hair trailed the pillow and he pictured the deep blue eyes behind his closed eyelids.