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He waited for a little in the alley, then returned to the house, to correct his proofs and to devise some method of concealing the truth from Anne.   (Maurice, 1914, E.M. FORSTER, Pg 246)


Once again seated at his desk in the privacy of his office, Lord Purvis turned the events of the evening over in his mind. At all costs this day's work most be hidden from their friends and family but most of all from his wife. It was the man who worried him though; the low, perverted snake who had come into his house and accepted his hospitality while coveting his most prized asset. If Purvis could have had his way he would have taken a shotgun to the scoundrel. But, such actions were unacceptable in these times, more's the pity.  Instead he'd had to pay the beggar off. The seducer had taken his ill gotten gains with a sardonic smile and a mocking touch to the forelock that had made Purvis clench his teeth, and his fists.

He sat for a moment considering the situation and his actions. He could see no flaws in his efforts at concealment. The man would keep his silence, of that he was sure. Anne had no inkling of her son's perverted activities and now never would. Dutton was, likewise, none the wiser regarding the affair. His well-laid plans for a marriage between the boy and Dutton's daughter were intact. The Dutton wealth and political clout he had courted so assiduously for so long were all well within his grasp. He knew he could handle the boy; he'd bend to his duty when he found out how easy it had been to pay the paramour off.


Satisfied, Purvis turned his attention to the papers scattered across his desk.



Caleb was lying fully dressed on his bed, staring at the ceiling, occasionally taking deep draws on the cigarette held loosely between long fingers. Deep in thought he nearly missed the light rattle of stones against the window pane. Smiling slightly he stubbed out the joint and hastened over to the window. Drawing aside the long damask curtains he could just make out the figure standing on the gravel below his second story bedroom. Caleb's smile deepened and he pushed open the window sash, lifting his hand to wave. His wave was returned and then the figure pointed to a point just below the window. That was when Caleb noticed the ladder, leaning against the wall, close under his window sill. With a quick nod Caleb turned back into the bedroom and grabbed the pack lying at the foot of his bed then return to the window. Quickly and gracefully he climbed out onto the ladder and was on the ground and in his lover's arms in seconds.


"I feel like the Princess in the tower." He said, smiling up into the laughing eyes above him.


"And your Prince is here to carry you off," came the reply as he was whirled around in those strong arms. 


"So, how much did the old bastard give you?" Caleb said when the world stopped spinning and Julian had placed him back on his feet. 


"Enough to get us where we want to go and probably more than he could really afford at the moment" 


"Good, serves him right! Maybe it will teach the old fool that people aren't commodities for him to manipulate, but I doubt it.


Turning around to face the house Caleb swept his eyes over his home for the last time.   


"Any regrets?"


Caleb turned back to the man he loved.


"None whatsoever."


"Come on then Princess, your carriage awaits. Let's get out of here."



The sound of a revving engine disturbed the stillness of the night. Lord Purvis lifted his head at the sudden noise then frowned at the squeal of tyres. "louts" he muttered before turning back to the proofs.